Moles / Melanoma

Moles / Melanoma

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Melanoma is the most lethal form of skin cancer. Annual screening for your family is a must. Benign or non-cancerous moles can be removed without pain, stitches, or scars.

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  • As doctors and doctors offices go - this one is top notch. Got an apt quickly - they squeezed me in - and then I was seen on time! Office was busy but not crowded and the staff was very pleasant and knowledgeable. Dr. Sterling was recommended to me so I expected a good physician and he did not disappoint. As a health care lawyer I have a high bar for physicians. Thorough and professional, Dr. Sterling didn't make me feel awkward or self conscious. He spent time in the exam, made recommendations and then performed the procedure in his office. Insurance was accepted. I have lived in south Florida for 40 years and this was my first visit to a Dermatologist. Given the possibility of skin cancer - I should have gone sooner. I was glad I went to see Dr. Sterling when I did.

    Kenneth White Google Review
  • I met Dr Sterling over 5 years ago at his office in Weston. He is very knowledgeable and patient. He always answers all of my questions, and I love to ask questions! He helped me with my suspicious moles and my son when I thought he had chicken pox! He’s the best of the best I would refer him and his staff a million times over! Thanks guys!

    Nicole Manning Google Review

Moles / Melanoma FAQs

What is Melanoma?

In human skin, the pigment cells which we call the Melanocyte. These cells are scattered throughout the surface of the skin and we all know this as we then we get an even distribution of pigment or melanin throughout the skin. No moles are different, moles are growths containing these pigment cells group together. Melanoma is cancer of those pigment cells or melanocytes and it’s a very serious cancer. If grows rapidly and in some cases it will be metastasize internally and quite often can be fatal. There are many different forms of Melanoma, some are slow growing and can be quickly cured if detected right away; others are rapid growers and can do serious harm if not picked up right away.

How long can someone live with Melanoma?

In terms of how long you can live with Melanoma on your skin, there is no defined answer. Each an every case is individual. I’ve had cases in my past experience where people have had typical moles from months and years before going to see the dermatologist. On other fortunate cases, I have seen Melanoma present initially and that Melanoma has already spread. So it’s important again to do a monthly self check. Check your children and get a yearly visit to the dermatologist.

What are the Melanoma signs?

I recommend to my patients and their families and their children to do a self exam once a month and to get their skin checked one a year. Now, when you’re looking at your moles, what are you looking for? I tell my patients to look for change, change in size, change in shape, change in color, or symptoms: bleeding, rough, sore. Your moles should stay the same month by month, year by year with only very slight changes as you grow older. Melanoma usually presents as an abrupt change in an existing mole, often is dark, it’s irregular and it has an irregular border or color or mickey mouse ears or bizarre shapes and when you look once a month and get your skin in check once a year. These are the changes that we’re focusing on

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