Acne Treatment

Acne Treatment

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Dr. Sterling is an Ivy-League trained dermatologist with over 26 years experience.
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For both teenage and adult acne patients, our office can provide you with an easy to follow plan to clear even the most difficult acne. Dr. Sterling has extensive experience in all types of acne therapy, including Accutane.

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Can food cause acne?

Can exercise cause acne?

The truth about food and acne

What our patients say

  • Dr. Sterling is such a kind individual and an amazing dermatologist. He has helped me with my acne. Giving me the best skin I've ever had. Additionally, he has removed two unwanted spots on my skin. One in which I almost fainted and he sat me through it, gave me what I needed to recover, and made sure I was in the right state of mind before I left. He answers all my questions, throughly examines my skin, and has solves all my skin issues. I highly recommend visiting him for any skin concerns!

    Crysta k Google Review
  • 18 years of quality dermatology. Professional and accurate without the over kill treatments that some doctors recommend. Ignore the few reviews that may have been posted.

    David Johnston Google Review
  • Dr Sterling was excellent! He thoroughly explained the treatment, He kept things painless and simple. A very clean modern office and very friendly staff as well.

    Ben Wolansky Google Review
  • I have been in treatment with Dr. Sterling for 1.5 years now and he himself and the whole staff team have been nothing but nice and forthcoming with me. The appointments are quick, I never have to wait for long, if I have additional questions about something unrelated to my current visit he's happy to answer questions and offer treatment options for further down the road! I highly recommend Dr. Sterling's office!!

    Vanessa Little Google Review
  • Dr. Sterling is very professional and caring, staff is friendly and helpful. I would recommend family and friends to visit his office for dermatological needs.

    Ken Almeida Google Review
  • I have a long history with Dr Sterling and he is one of the most stand up people I’ve seen. He truly cares about his patients and has always gone the extra mile for me and my family.

    Tim J. Schmidt Google Review
  • My family have been patients of Dr. Sterling since moving to S. Florida and we couldn't be more pleased. His "bed-side" manner is wonderful. He is always willing to spend the time necessary to explain procedures and answer questions. Unlike other Dermatologist who are "cut" happy, Dr. Sterling is not and suggests only that which is necessary.

    Tammie Richie Google Review
  • Dr.Stirling has been with my family for over 20 years and has yet to dissappoint any one of my 4 family members. Tyvm Dr. Stirling & keep it up!

    Matt La Sala Google Review
  • ...I have seen 2 previous dermatologists before him, and he proved to be the best out of them all. His treatment has cleared my skin almost 100%. I suffered from mild to moderate acne for over 10 years, and this was the first derm who offered a legitimate solution. His staff was very friendly and courteous. I never waited long, and Dr. Sterling answered every question I had no matter how insignificant it was. He has never left the room without asking if I had any concerns or questions about my treatment plan. Other derms I have seen won't even spend 60 seconds in the room with me before running to another patient. I am a very satisfied patient who is able to smile now!!

    Sebastien Richard Google Review
  • The doctor Sterling is the better dermatology doctor that I know, he check my son because have pink and scosor skin area , everthink is gone whit the medicine that Doctor Sterling give us.

    Noris Izarra Google Review
  • The doctor and staff are great, they are always willing to listen. The doc takes time to explain things and address any concern one may have. The office is clean, and the staff is always friendly.

    Jessica Handal Z. Google Review
  • I've been a patient for 28 years. The most amazing & wonderful office & staff in my life! Always pleasant & willing to go above & beyond to meet needs! Thank you!

    Lisa Capozzi Google Review

Acne treatment FAQs

Can food cause acne?

Unfortunately, no foods cause acne. There are a fews studies in the United States that link high amounts of dairy to some cases of acne but in overall I would have to say that what we were told in our generation stay away from chocolate, stay away from fried foods, stay away from greasy food, that’s never been documented in the American literature. So I recommend to my patients that a healthy diet is the way to go.

Can exercise and working out cause acne?

Actually no, that cannot. I always tell people to live a healthy lifestyle and that includes regular exercise but no. Pre workouts and workouts do not exacerbate acne. The only exception to that, there are some people who use illegal steroids in hopes of building larger muscle, that does worsen acne and clearly no physician would recommend that.

Healthy food can prevent acne?

There are no healthy foods you can eat. I always recommend a healthy diet. The only thing that I would add to that is we know vitamin A helps human skin metabolism and that’s where Retin-A come from and Accutane. Unfortunately, to try to supplement in your own vitamin A to achieve the desired effect is impossible because you’d have done the overdose on it and we certainly don’t recommend that. So my acne patients I tell them “Eat what it’s healthy for you” Try and avoid sugary sodas, try avoid a lot of fatty foods not because they cause acne, but because they’re not good for you.

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